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  • [microgreens mix]
    Tasty and good for you, this version of microgreens includes a mix of plant types. Use like sprouts, as a garnish, or sprinkled over a main course. Micros don't last like larger leaves; plan to use within 3 or 4 days.
  • $4.00 MED Cabbage
    MED-sized heads. Cabbage is an often overlooked food, which is having something of a come-back with all its health advantages coming to light. And besides being extremely good for you, there are numerous recipes proving that...
  • [beans, dry, Xmas Lima]
    These colorful Lima beans have a hearty flavor and smooth texture, ideal for chile, soup or salad. Includes cooking instructions.
  • [red beets]
    A very tasty and nutritious food, red beet roots can be prepared in numerous ways, all resulting in delicious tastes far-removed from what you may remember eating out of a can as a child.
  • [orange carrots]
    Everyone knows carrots are good for you, but not everyone appreciates how tasty they can be, especially braised or roasted and topped with herbs. They pair especially well with parsnips.
  • [deep purple carrots]
    Pretty purple carrots, high in anthocyanins, and good for you!
  • [carrot & potato kit_prep]
    One of Chris' quick, go-to dishes, using our best-selling two root crops. Makes an attractive, tasty and healthy dish! Will include about a pound of each root, some garlic cloves and an herb of our choice.
  • [hardneck garlic]
    Cured hardneck garlic has the best flavor of all! It is cured (dried) now and doesn't need to be refrigerated, unless you prefer that.
  • [jerusalem artichokes]
    Also known as sunchokes, these are sweet, nutty and crispy, and reminiscent of water chestnuts.
  • [sweet onions]
    Onions, the one vegetable you never want to be without!
  • Parsnips, ~ lb. [Organic]
    Closely related to carrots, compared to which they are even sweeter, are great in soup or roasted.
  • [parsnip soup]
    This is a quick and easy, creamy winter comfort food, one of our favorites. The kit includes parsnips, apples, a medium onion, some garlic and some fresh parsley. You'll need to add curry-type spices, stock & cream.
  • [3 ct dried cayenne peppers]
    Bag of 3 good-sized dried Red Cayenne peppers from our garden. My eye doctor told me that chile peppers were about the best thing you could eat for eye health! (HEAT: High medium, but still about 10 times hotter than a...
  • [gold potatoes]
    Gold potatoes.
  • [magic molly]
    This relatively new variety of potato has a dark purple skin and flesh, with great flavor. Particularly tasty when roasted. (NOTE: Not so pretty mashed!)
  • [Austrian Crescent potatoes]
    Small creamy gold fingerling potatoes.
  • [qt. small gold potatoes]
    Gold outside and in; golf ball-sized.
  • [black Spanish radishes]
    “Nero Tondo” black Spanish radishes are larger than typical red radishes, black-skinned with white flesh, often somewhat hot. Eat raw or cook lightly.
  • [watermelon radishes]
    Beautiful and tasty, watermelon radishes are great for salads, snacks, or roasted roots.
  • [rutabaga]
    Rutabaga is a turnip relative, but generally milder. Use roasted, mashed or in soup.
  • [red french shallots]
    Mild member of onion family.
  • [sweet potatoes]
    Beauregard orange sweet potatoes. Delicious and good for you!
  • [purple top turnips]
    Often overlooked as being an old-fashioned country food, turnips can be surprisingly tasty and are very healthy sources of many vitamins as well. Use roasted, mashed or in soup.
  • [turnip-soup-cooked]
    Three pounds of seconds purple-top turnips, one onion, a little parsley. If you think you don't like turnips, this soup could change your mind! Best if you use stock instead of water.
  • [seconds, roots, kit]
    Three-plus pounds of seconds roots, several seconds garlic cloves and some herb, plus a recipe sheet to make a tasty panful of roasted roots. Help avoid food waste by helping us use up good food that is not “perfect.”
  • [parsley]
    Italian flat leaf parsley, much more flavorful than curly.
  • French Sorrel, ~1 oz.
    Lemon-flavored leaves, good in salad, with fish, or in soups.
  • Fuji Apples,  ~2 lbs.
    Sweet, firm, crisp and juicy apple for any use. Two lbs. can be from 4 to 6 apples, depending on size. (Red Delicious X Japanese cross)
  • [gold rush apples]
    Gold Rush is a late-maturing yellow apple with excellent fruit quality. It was named 'GoldRush' to emphasize its golden ground color and bronze blush combined with its "rush" of flavor. (Golden Delicious X Rome Beauty)
  • Jonathan Apples, ~2 lbs.
    Spicy/tangy, tart, crisp and juicy apple for snacks, sauce and pies. Holds its shape well after cooking. (New York since 1826)
  • Pink Lady Apples, ~2 lbs.
    Sweet/tart and crisp. Beautiful, flavorful apple for all uses. Two lbs. can be from 4 to 6 apples, depending on size. Pinks are not usually large apples. (Golden Delicious X Lady Williams)
  • [seconds apples]
    Seconds apples have some blemishes but are still good enough for pies and sauce, and for approx. half price.
  • Byers' Farm Eggs, doz.
    Brown eggs from the Byers' flock of free-roaming, outdoor red hens, raised on organic pasture with GMO- and soy-free grains.
  • [6 DUCK EGGS]
    These eggs come from the Martin's small flock, raised outdoors with grass and flowing water. Duck eggs are generally 'richer' than chicken eggs.
  • [cheddar]
    Byers' Dairy; Cheddar cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. (Raw milk)
  • [smoked colby cheese]
    Byers' Dairy; Smoked Colby cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. Colby is similar in taste to cheddar, but somewhat softer and milder in...
  • [gouda cheese]
    Byers' Dairy; Gouda cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. (Raw milk)
  • Homemade Apple Sauce, pt.
    Made by Mrs. Tracey from her orchard's own apples. Ingr: apples, sugar, water.
  • [1 lb. honey, LEHMANS]
    Honey, lb.
    Made by Lee Lehman at his farm near Cheesetown, PA. All-natural unfiltered, unhomogenized, unpasturized raw honey.
  • [zucchini relish]
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: squash, carrot, onion, pepper, vinegar, water, sugar, spices, salt.
  • [firewood logs]
    A box of 40-plus pounds of seasoned hardwood logs for your fireplace, campfire or backyard pit.

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