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  • [microgreens mix]
    Tasty and good for you, this version of microgreens includes a mix of plant types. Use like sprouts, as a garnish, or sprinkled over a main course. Micros don't last like larger leaves; plan to use within 3 or 4 days.
  • Pea Shoots, small bag  [no spray]
    Pea shoots are often used as a garnish or addition. They don't need to be cooked, and have a surprising, fresh pea taste.
  • [baby arugula]
    The spicy, peppery mustard-like green with a distinct bite that you probably either love or hate. Assuming the former, add to salads or sandwiches.
  • [chard, mixed, young]
    Tender, tasty, colorful mixed chard leaves.
  • [five star lettuce mix]
    Beautiful, colorful lettuce mix from our high tunnel and field lettuces.
  • [red mustared]
    Mustards are so off-the-radar that the CDC's "best-foods" list didn't even include them, yet had they, they would have ranked near the top as mustards are very good for health. They also offer some pretty kick-ass flavor,...
  • BABY Spinach, small bag  [Organic]
    #5 on CDC's new "Powerhouse Fruits & Vegetables" list, smallish spinach leaves are especially nice for salads, larger ones for cooking lightly.
  • [stir fry greens]
    Mix of colorful, tasty young leaves for stir-fries (may include kale, beets, chard, mustard, dandelion and more)! Whatever looks good when we go out to pick on Friday morning).
  • [tat soi leaves]
    Beautiful dark green leaves cut from a rosette of oriental greens. Taste is on the mild side, similar to spinach. The leaf stems (petioles) are edible.
  • [romaine lettuce]
    Romaine is the healthiest lettuce – due in part to the dark green leaves – and our most popular lettuce we sell.
  • [Italian dandelion]
    Dandelions are tasty (but bitter) and incredibly good for you. There are lots of ways to counteract the bitterness if that's not your thing.
  • [bunched lacinato kale]
    Lacinato is our most popular kale variety. It features tender dark-green crinkled leaves and is wonderful (and nutritious!) served hot or cold. Chris frequently makes a wilted kale salad with it -– very tasty and refreshing!...
  • [young bok choi]
    #2 on the CDC's new list of "powerhouse" fruits and vegetables, bok choi (one of two types of Chinese cabbage, the other being Napa cabbage) is also related to broccoli and cauliflower. The contrast between the crunchy leave...
  • [green cabbage]
    Cabbage is an often overlooked food, which is having something of a come-back with all its health advantages coming to light. And besides being extremely good for you, there are numerous recipes proving that it can also be a...
  • [dry beans, cocorubico]
    Large, meaty brown beans. Includes cooking instructions.
    Eat both leaves and roots.
  • [red beets]
    A very tasty and nutritious food, red beet roots can be prepared in numerous ways, all resulting in delicious tastes far-removed from what you may remember eating out of a can as a child.
  • Broccoli
    Good-for-you broccoli!
  • [orange carrots]
    Everyone knows carrots are good for you, but not everyone appreciates how tasty they can be, especially braised or roasted and topped with herbs. They pair especially well with parsnips.
  • Cauliflower
    Early-season white cauliflower.
  • [seconds eggplant]
    A bargain, if you don't mind using a paring knife.
  • [bunched fennel]
    Anise-flavored bulbs and leaves; very flavorful.
  • [LG garlic]
    Cured hardneck garlic has the best flavor of all! It is cured (dried) now and doesn't need to be refrigerated, unless you prefer that.
  • kohlrabi, mixed
    Round cabbage-family bulb. Tastes like cabbage in a solid form. Red and green taste the same.
  • [small leeks]
    Delicious onion relative.
  • Lemongrass Curry Paste Pack (w/recipe)
    Spicy-tart base for Thai curry dishes. Includes lemongrass, chiles, shallot, garlic and recipe. Add your own ginger and spices.
  • [fresh sweet onions, lb.]
    Sweet onions lack the 'bite' of regular onions and are really somewhat sweet. They don't dry or cure like regular onions, so should be kept refrigerated.
  • 'GYPSY' Sweet Frying Peppers [no spray]
    A new crop for us this year, 'Gypsy' are sweet peppers with thin skins for frying or topping salads.
    A pound-plus of seconds of the 'Gypsy' sweet peppers we grew for the first time this year.
  • [orange snack peppers]
    Mini sweet orange peppers, practically seedless, are perfect for salads or your lunch bag.
  • [hot banana pepper]
    Banana peppers come in sweet and hot versions. This is the hot one, similar to cayennes in heat, breaking the rule that smaller chiles are always the hotter ones.
  • [quartcayenne peppers]
    'Red Flame' cayennes have a sweet-hot taste and are good for drying. (HEAT: High medium, but still about 10 times hotter than a Jalapeno.)
    A mix of sizes and shapes; 20+ pieces. (HEAT: High medium, but still about 10 times hotter than a Jalapeno.)
  • [seconds cayenne peppers, 5 lbs]
    The most capsaicin for your money! Great for drying.
  • Habanero Peppers, pt. [no spray]
    aka Scotch Bonnet. (HEAT: Very hot)
  • [jalapeno pepper]
    Standard green Jalapeno chile pepper. (HEAT: Low medium)
  • [pint green jalapeno peppers]
    A pint of green Jalapeno chile peppers. (HEAT: Low medium)
  • [red serranos]
    Red Serrano chile peppers. (HEAT: hot)
  • [pint mixed  chiles]
    Mix of whatever hot peppers we have, with a variety of colors and heat. (HEAT: mixed)
  • [one pound mixed chiles]
    Mix of whatever hot peppers we have, with a variety of colors and heat. (HEAT: mixed)
  • [magic molly]
    This relatively new variety of potato has a dark purple skin and flesh, with great flavor. Particularly tasty when roasted. (NOTE: Not so pretty mashed!)
  • [red potatoes]
    These Red Norland potatoes are red outside and white in.
  • RUSSET Potatoes, ~ 2 lbs.
    MED-sized classic dry baking potatoes.
  • [Austrian Crescent potatoes]
    Small creamy gold fingerling potatoes.
  • Red Radishes, bun. [Organic]
    Crisp red radishes for salad or snacking.
  • [bunched daikon]
    Long, white, mild-flavored Asian radish.
  • [purple asian radishes]
    Purple radishes (Bora King is the variety name) have both a sweet flavor and good eating quality. The skins are light purple, and the insides are white with a lavender 'splash' of color. Try something new?
  • RED French Shallots, ~ ½ lb. [Organic]
    Mild member of onion family.
  • [sorrel, soup kit]
    All you need for sorrel soup, with a recipe included. This recipe creates a wonderful, lemony thick soup that is very refreshing. It's even great cold the next day. (Tastes like a lemony V8!)
  • [sweet potatoes]
    Beauregard orange sweet potatoes. Delicious and good for you!
  • [tomatillos, pint]
    Tomato relative for use with Mexican dishes or salsa.
  • [green frying tomatoes]
    Green, unripe tomatoes for frying, pickling or making an alternative version of salsa verde.
  • [green tomatoes 5#]
    Green, unripe tomatoes for frying, pickling or making an alternative version of salsa verde.
  • [heirloom tomatoes]
    May be one large or several smaller tomatoes. Possible varieties are Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra and Striped German. Order this only if you're willing to be surprised!
  • [indigo rose tomatoes]
    Beautiful, small purple/orange-red tomato with good flavor. This tomato has the highest level of anthocyanins (anti-oxidants) of any variety to date.
  • SUNGOLD Cherry Tomatoes, pt. [no spray]
    Small, sweet orange cherry tomatoes. Our best selling cherry tomato for 20 years running!
  • MIXED Cherry Tomatoes, pt. [no spray]
    Pretty and tasty mix of 5-6 cherry tomato varieties.
  • [acorn WSQ]
    Green outside, yellow-orange flesh.
  • [butternut squash]
    These are tan outside, with delicious orange flesh.
  • MED Delicata Squash
    Sweet, striped winter squash with a delicious nutty flavor. One of the few winter squashes where eating the skin is recommended!
  • [red kabocha]
    Orange outside and in, this Kabocha is generally the sweetest of all winter squash.
  • Pie Pumpkin (for eatin')
    Use for decoration, then cook! These are really eating pumpkins.
  • [chives]
    Use the leaves on potatoes, eggs or soup, the blossoms can be torn into individual pieces and used to top soups, salads, or roasted roots.
  • [garlic chives]
    Also known as Chinese Leeks, garlic chives are definitely different than standard chives, both in appearance and flavor. The leaves are flat – not cylindrical – and there is a definite garlic flavor in addition to the usual...
  • [cilantro]
    Use in soup, salsa, or anywhere you like it!
  • [cutting celery]
    Cutting celery -- also known as leaf celery – has a stronger celery flavor than regular celery. It is a nice addition to salads, soups, stews, and vegetable dishes.
  • [lemongrass with recipe]
    Our own PA-grown lemongrass, common in Thai cooking and with a wonderful lemon flavor.
  • END! Lovage  [no spray]
    Related to celery and parsley, it is intense! Use leaves as an herb; cook the stems in the fry pan with onions and garlic.
  • [parsley]
    Italian flat leaf parsley, much more flavorful than curly.
  • Peppermint  [no spray]
    Make tea or add to yogurt salad. Most Mint Julep recipes call for spearmint, but peppermint will work, too.
  • [rosemary]
    With its piney, resinous, sometimes lemony flavor rosemary is great for roasts, potatoes, and more.
  • [sage]
    Sage is a wonderful, fragrant, tasty herb that goes so well with many things; potatoes, squash, meats and more.
  • French Sorrel  [no spray]
    Lemon-flavored leaves, good in salad, with fish, or in soups.
  • Spearmint [no spray]
    Use with tea or in various fruit salads.
  • [thyme]
    Wonderfully spicy, flavorful herb, great with eggs, or roasts or potatoes.
  • [herb sampler]
    Our mix includes a sampling from at least 3 different herbs. Ask Randy when you pick up if you need help identifying the herbs. Portion sizes are smaller than other herb bags.
  • ORGANIC Asian Pears, ~lb.
    Tasty, certified organic Asian pears are both crunchy and juicy and quite delicious.
  • [bosc pears lb]
    Crisp, grainy pear, nice and juicy when ripe.
  • Daybreak Fuji Apples, ~2 lbs.
    Beautiful Fuji apple off-shoot. Sweet/tart and crisp.
  • Honeycrisp Apples, ~ 2 lbs.
    Sweet, tart, very juicy and crisp apple for snacks and salads. Our best seller for several years running. (unknown recent origin)
  • [mutsu crispin apples]
    Crispin (also known as Mutsu) apples are known for good flavor, for both fresh eating and cooking. Two lbs. can be from 3 to 4 apples, depending on size; they tend toward larger. (Golden Delicious X Japanese cross)
  • [seconds apples]
    Seconds apples have some blemishes but are still good enough for pies and sauce, and for approx. half price.
  • [SHF brown eggs]
    Large brown eggs from our flock of free-roaming, indoor-outdoor red hens.
  • Byers' Farm Eggs, doz.
    Brown eggs from the Byers' flock of free-roaming, outdoor red hens, raised on organic pasture with GMO- and soy-free grains.
  • [6 DUCK EGGS]
    These eggs come from the Martin's small flock, raised outdoors with grass and flowing water. Duck eggs are generally 'richer' than chicken eggs.
  • Salted Butter, 16 oz.
    Trickling Springs Creamery; from grass-fed cows. Pure butter plus Celtic sea salt. NOTE: They have recently raised the price 22%! Get it now if you like it, 'cause we won't be restocking.
  • [butter_unsalted]
    Trickling Springs Creamery; from grass-fed cows.
  • [cheddar]
    Byers' Dairy; Cheddar cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. (Raw milk)
  • Garlic & Herb Cheddar, ~ 8 oz.
    Byers' Dairy; Cheddar with garlic & herbs added. (Raw milk)
  • [smoked colby cheese]
    Byers' Dairy; Smoked Colby cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. (Raw milk)
  • [gruyere cheese]
    Byers' Dairy; Gruyere cheese made with the Byers' organic milk from their herd of grass-fed Jersey cows, by a cheesemaker in Honey Brook, PA. (Raw milk)
  • [goat cheese curd, PIPE DREAMS]
    Pipe Dreams Dairy; soft, spreadable goat cheese curd. (Pasteurized.)
  • [ash buche]
    Pipe Dreams Dairy; Five-to-six inch long demi-sec goat cheese 'log' wrapped in edible ash to prevent rind formation (French-style). (Pasteurized.) NOTE: the price sounds high. It's 3 to 4 times as much cheese as the small...
  • [demi sec goat]
    Pipe Dreams Dairy; Partially-dried goat cheese. Small round. (Pasteurized.)
  • [cider-half-gallon]
    Made by the Garbers and their crew from apples grown in nearby orchards, including orchards we get apples at. No artificial ingredients! (Pasteurized.)
  • Apple Sauce, pt.
    Made by Mrs. Tracey from her orchard's own apples. Ingr: apples, sugar, water.
  • Cherry Pie Filling, qt.
    Made by Mrs. Tracey using cherries from her orchard. Ingr: cherries, cherry juice, sugar, gel, lemon juice, food coloring, salt.
  • [1 lb. honey, LEHMANS]
    Made by Lee Lehman at Cheesetown, PA. All-natural unfiltered, unhomogenized, unpasturized raw honey.
  • [2 lb. honey, LEHMANS]
    Made by Lee Lehman at Cheesetown, PA. All-natural unfiltered, unhomogenized, unpasturized raw honey.
  • [maple syrup]
    Made by the Hess family, this syrup is delicious and pure, with no 'stretchers.'
  • [maple syrup, pt]
    Made by the Hess family, this syrup is delicious and pure, with no 'stretchers.'
  • [peach jam]
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: peaches, sugar, pectin. (May include a tiny amount of margarine.)
  • [black raspberry jelly]
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: raspberries, water, sugar, pectin. (May include a tiny amount of margarine.)
  • [ketchup]
    Made by Mrs. Hostetter from her own tomatoes. Ingr: tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt, spices.
  • [hot pepper relish]
    Made by Mrs. Mack from her own peppers and onions. Ingr: hot peppers, onions, sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, salt.
  • [zucchini relish]
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: squash, carrot, onion, pepper, vinegar, water, sugar, spices, salt.
  • Banana Pickles, pt.
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: cucumber, vinegar, water, sugar, salt, spices. They are yellow, like bananas, but are still cucumbers. People tend to think they're actually going to get pickled bananas. Never heard of that and it...
  • [kosher dill pickles]
    Made by Mrs. Hege. Ingr: cucumbers, sugar, vinegar, water, salt, spices.
  • [firewood logs]
    A box of 40-plus pounds of seasoned hardwood logs for your campfire, backyard fire pit, or your fireplace, wherever you feel like it! Split smaller than our winter fireplace logs.

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