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Here are the details of the end of our business in DC...

  • Weekly deliveries continue on the schedule noted on another tab.
  • The last week to place an order and have your credit applied against it is the end of October/start of November, specifically our open order hours of 7PM, October 30 until 7AM November 1. Dates were decided upon months ago and all notified. DONE
  • After the closing of the store for orders on Nov. 1, all accounts will be closed and any credits forfeited. DONE
  • The store will continue to function normally, WITHOUT ANY CREDIT ACCOUNTS, for the remainder of the year, until Dec. 15. NOTE that if you were shorted something or there was a price change, there may still be that value in your account from a previous date, and it is still there and valid for you! It's just the pre-paid accounts that have come to an end.

We thank you all for your support with this online CSA venture over the last 14 years. It has been a wonderful experience for us, and we will always cherish the wonderful relationships it has sparked with so many of you.

All the best to you all,


Randy, Chris & Sam

your Star Hollow Farmers!

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