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How can I participate?
We are closed for new members at this time.

How long is the season?
We operate year-round!

Do I have to order every week?
Nope. Order only when you want to pick up produce that Saturday.

Can I just place a standing order?
No. Placing the order yourself is the only way to get one.

Is there a limit to how much or how little I can order in any given week?
No. A lot or a little, it’s up to you.

Can I cancel my order if something else comes up for Saturday?
Only in cases of emergency. If you place an order, you take that produce out of our store inventory so no one else can buy it, and we lose our only chance to sell it. If you can't come, have someone else come and pick it up for you, or for them, or tell us to hold it until our following trip to town when you can collect it.

When and where do I pick up my order?
The location is our white delivery truck along Columbia Road near 18th St. Pick-up hours are 9 AM – 1 PM from June through December, and 10AM-1PM from January through May.

Can I just shop at your stand at the truck?
Yes! We don't have a great deal there, and it varies substantially by season, but anything there is for sale, cash or credit.

What if I don’t pick up my order? (Contact us, ASAP!)
We bring it back to the farm. Depending on the temperature, it may or may not still be usable. If you email us by the Tuesday evening after, (3 days), telling us you still want your box, we’ll bring it back the next time we come. By Wednesday morning, we're filling up the cooler with the current week's produce and we rapidly run out of room, and unclaimed boxes are eliminated. We cannot refund your order just because you didn't come for it.

If I miss the ordering time slot, can I call in or email you my order?
No. We've tried it, and neither late orders nor phone orders work for us.


[Photo] Order boxes in our packing shed.


[Photo] Orders in our truck on Saturday morning in the winter.


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