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Farm News for Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Hello all,

This is the Martin's lettuce greenhouse. This was taken in the spring, when the heads get huge. At this time of the year they're smaller due to less light. They have three more greenhouses where they grow salad greens, cucumbers and tomatoes.


We told you all last weekend we were looking to "spice things up" a bit, trying to increase the number of orders and maybe even their size. We asked for your comments, and got a number of good ones.

Here's what we've done in response already this week...

  • Added more diversity (23 new items in the store at opening)
  • Added more "kits" or "packs" where we've assembled most of the ingredients already and include a recipe or cooking instructions, a la Blue Apron.
  • Added some variations in produce item sizes, specifically smaller portions of several items, and we'll work on some more for next time

And here are some ideas folks had that we're going to move ahead with in the near future, if we can figure out just how to do it...

  • create a forum where members can share recipes and pictures of dishes made with our produce
  • create a forum where members that live outside Adams Morgan can make contact with other members and perhaps work out a pickup schedule
  • ("fora" mentioned include listserves & Instagram) anyone have any ideas to help us move along with those... I don't really know about either.

Produce this week
Lots of new items, as mentioned, and increased quantities of greens and herbs, the result of those beautiful days recently. (Last winter our ground was covered with snow every day in February. This year we had one snowfall that stuck to the ground, and it was gone the next day!)

[photo] Another experiment: offering two sizes of cider, ONLINE! Many of you have heard me tell about the mess we've had when it spills, but that has been about 10 years, and last week I worked out a method to keep them upright in the boxes (I think!) so we'll give it a go and see if it means more of you buy cider!

This week's CSA produce line-up (new/back)

  • Greens: Arugula, cabbage (2), Red Russian kale, mustard greens mix, microgreens mix, peas & sunflower shoots, Swiss chard, stir fry mix, spinach & watercress.
  • Veggies: Beets (2), carrots (2), celeriac, garlic, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, onions (2), parsnips, parsnip soup pack, dried Cayenne peppers, potatoes (2), winter radishes (2), rutabagas, shallots, sweet potatoes (3), turnips, our turnip soup pack & a seconds root pack.
  • Mushrooms: Royal Trumpet & White button
  • Herbs: Chives, cilantro, oregano, Italian parsley, rosemary & sage.
  • Tree fruit: Apples -- not so many options as before -- but we'll hope to find more variety by next time.
  • Poultry & Cheese: Frozen stewing hens & eggs; the usual cheeses plus new ones from Keswick Creamery, a top-o-the-line cheesemaker from up this way, and more goat cheese options. And... get ready, we're offering Trickling Springs Creamery butter again!
  • Preserves: The new usual, plus we've restocked our jams & jellies from Mrs. Hege.
  • Apple cider: two sizes, gallons & half-gallons, as mentioned.
  • Firewood: 40-lb. boxes of logs.

Hoping to see you Saturday,
Randy, Chris & Sam
at Star Hollow Farm


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