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Farm News for Saturday, July 8, 2017

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Star Hollow Farm
Adams Morgan CSA notes
Saturday, July 8th, 2017

And yes, we are now on Instagram (@starhollowfarm.pa) and the site is public, so you don't need to ask us to get in. I am still learning how to use it, but hopefully will get the hang of it soon enough. Strangely, the icon that comes up on our store's header is a Facebook icon, a glitch according to our web host, that will not be fixable. But if you hover over it it says "instagram" and it works as a link. Go ahead, take a chance...  :)

Hello all,

[photo] Happy birthday to you, USA. A young 241, and to think my first visit to DC was in 1976 for the big 200 celebration as a young feller, never dreaming it would become my second home!

Farm news ...
Most of our crops are coming along well, and we are thankful every day for our deer fence, high tunnels and greenhouse, all of which help us get our crops grown and ready for you. We reached the point this week where our own field basil is just big enough to start harvesting, and so we're switching over to 100% Star Hollow herbs this week, 15 kinds plus the sampler.

News from Tracey's Orchard ...
We're so happy that they are finally having a good year with most of their fruit trees producing. I thing they said it was only apricots and plums that didn't make it. Today we have peaches, nectarines and the end of the sour cherries. There was a big loss of the peach crop in the south, and many of those orchards are coming up north to find orchards that will sell them peaches so they can keep their stands open. Meaning there's a big demand for local peaches, and prices are up, but only a little. Just glad to have them!

This week's produce line up (green means "new")

  • Greens: arugula, chard (several ways), kale (also several ways), lettuce mix, pea shoots, Romaine head lettuce & cabbage.
  • Veggies: beans (green & 3 dried), red beets, baby carrots, bi-color sweet corn, cucumbers (slicers & picklers), Asian eggplant, garlic (whole plants, scapes & pesto packs), Jerusalem artichokes, sweet onions, new potatoes (red & mixed), red scallions, summer squash (zucchini & yellow), sweet potatoes, tomatoes (red hothouse, high-tunnel heirlooms & sungold cherries!).
  • Mushrooms: Criminis (2 size packs) & Royal Trumpet
  • Herbs: basil (field-grown Genovese & mixed), chives, cilantro, Italian parsley, lavender, lemon balm, mint (peppermint, spearmint & a meadow tea pack), rosemary, sage, French sorrel (& soup pack), tarragon and our mini-sampler.
  • Eggs: Yep, we've got eggs.
  • Cheeses: 6 kinds.
  • Preserves: 10 kinds, both sweet & savory.
  • Fruit & Berries: Garnett Beauty & Early Red Haven peaches, white nectarines, Pink Lady apples (and seconds), blueberries, gooseberries & sour cherries. [We'll have raspberries at the truck on Saturday. They're so perishable we'd rather you choose for yourself there when you pick up your order.]
  • Campfire wood: 40-lb. boxes of logs, for your outdoor fire ring.

[photo] Our new 'market' and CSA hand-out set-up!

Last week's "volunteerless" Saturday ...
My wacky idea of having people get their own orders off the truck last Saturday -- which I determined by the time I arrived in DC -- was pure nuts. What was I thinking when I dreamed that one up? So guess what happened? It went quite smoothly and a number of folks said they really liked it! My main goal I think was just to see if it could work if needed -- say if a volunteer had to cancel on Friday night -- and it did! Of course, last Saturday was a very slow day for us (lowest summer order day in a year), which was probably good. We're doin' it again this Saturday, and we'll see if it was an anomaly or not. Then we'll be back to scheduled volunteers, as I know many of you like doing that, especially with kids. But now we know it's not a requirement. That being said...

And thanks to our 'unofficial' truck volunteers ...
As I had hoped might happen, at several points during the day members who actually like helping in the truck climbed in and neatened things up quite a bit. Thanks much, Lee and Ellen!

Happy Fourth from your farmers,
Randy, Chris & Sam

The creek below our house has been up and down all spring and summer. Right now it's runnin' just right: not too high, not too low.


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