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Farm News for Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Star Hollow Farm
Adams Morgan CSA notes

Saturday, September 2, 2017
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Hello all,

The greens in the high tunnel are coming along nicely. Sam has done a nice job of mixing things up for variety's sake and keeping the greens coming all summer.

Farm news
Summer is progressing... today feels like it's over! It's been gray and dreary all day, sprinkled some, and the high was 64 degrees. Not what we usually think of for the end of August. Our full-time helper Casey has gone back to school, but is still coming several days a week after school to help Sam pick some of the more time-consuming crops like okra, cherry tomatoes, chile peppers and such. He's been a big help this summer and says he wants to come back next summer. Fingers crossed :)

This week's produce (new or back) has taken a decided shift in the direction of Fall...

  • Greens: cabbage, chard, kale, lettuce, pea shoots, spinach & stir fry mix.
  • Veggies: beans (asst'd kinds), beets, broccoli, carrots, celeriac, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, fennel, garlic,kohlrabi, okra, onions, peppers (several new types, both sweet & hot), potatoes (incl. Austrian Crescent fingerlings), shallots, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, tomatoes (incl. more heirlooms & specialty) & zucchini.
  • Mushrooms: Criminis
  • Herbs: basil, chives, garlic chives, cutting celery, cilantro, lavender, lemon balm, mints, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, shiso, sorrel, stevia, tarragon, our mini-sampler & Herbes de Provence. We have a nice crop of Lemon Grass coming, but it always seems to be last, as it takes a long time to fill out the leaf stems (petioles) you eat. Look for it in about a month.
  • Eggs: Yep. We got 'em.
  • Cheese & butter: Both.
  • Preserves: We've re-stocked! We now have apple cider, apple sauce, honey, maple syrup, peach, raspberry & strawberry jam, ketchup, hot pepper and zucchini relish, and banana & kosher dill pickles.
  • Specialty fruit & tree crops: Husk cherries, rhubarb, apples (Gala & Honey Crisp), peaches, pears (Asian), & plums (Stanley). Nectarines are done.
  • Campfire wood: for your outdoor fire ring (or your fireplace tonite!).

Thanks for your support,
Randy, Chris & Sam at ...

A new pest appears... Last week while picking our beautiful basil I began noticing little balls of "spit" (looked like it, anyway) under some of the leaves. It's the mark of the spittle bug, so-called for obvious reasons. The mother lays her eggs on tender, hidden places and then secretes a spitball to cover and protect them. Nothing wants to deal with that, so they grow up to spread. No spray will get them since they're protected by the "spit." So now about half our basil is marked this way, meaning I have to inspect each and every piece and then remove the spitball. Now you know. It's always somethin'... Basil season will probably end early this year for this reason.


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