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Farm News for Saturday, September 29, 2018

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Star Hollow Farm
Adams Morgan FARM MARKET & CSA

notes for the week of Saturday,

September 29, 2018

Hello all!

These are some of our sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes) last week. Beautiful flowers on stems over 8 feet tall! But alas, they are no more. What we want are the underground tubers, but the plant thinks it should spend its energy making seeds in the flowers. Sorry, we disagree.

Volunteer thanks!

Thanks much to Julie, our volunteer last Saturday. You are appreciated!

The rain can just stop. Sooner would be better. And we've had it with the mosquitoes, too. Walk out our kitchen door and within 10 seconds they're buzzing around our heads. I've taken to wearing a lightweight raincoat with hood and tight collar, no matter if it's actually raining or not, to try to exclude them from at least some parts of my body.

I looked yesterday at the long(er)-term weather forecast to see when our first frost might happen. October 1st is the average. It's significant to us because that's what usually kills the frost-sensitive crops we grow outdoors: field tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, basil and others. Interestingly, they aren't forecasting any temps even close to a frost in the next 30 days. We could get into November without a frost. Outrageous! And my mind says "Oh, great, we'll have an extended season!" Then I stop and think: "So what. The diseases and insects have already just about finished off all those crops anyway. Earlier than usual." I guess all farmers are gamblers; planting seeds in hopes something good will happen, then see what we get!

66,000 orders filled...
As of last week we have taken, filled and delivered that many orders to Adams Morgan. Wow.

This week's produce will include.. (new/back,end)

  • Greens: arugula, cabbage, chard, dandelions, kale, lettuce & pea shoots.
  • Veggies: beets, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, garlic, okra, onions, peppers (green bells, Cornos & chiles), potatoes, radishes, scallions, sweet potatoes & tomatoes (red, Indigos & cherries) & winter squashes (acorn, butternut & delicata).
  • Herbs: Sampler, cilantro, garlic chives, lemon balm, mints, parsley, rosemary & French sorrel.
  • Fruit: Honey Crisp, Fuji & Gala apples, freestone peaches. Stanley prune plums, Concord & seedless grapes.
  • Eggs & Cheese: eggs, plus the usual cheeses.
  • Miscellany: honey and apple cider.

During two barely dry-enough days last week we were able to plow and plant two beds of garlic in the front garden, two-thirds of next year's crop, over 2,000 plants. The seed garlic is shown hanging from the rafters shortly before being taken down for planting.


Hope you can find something on the list that looks or sounds good to you this week! Have a good one and hope to see you Saturday.

Thanks for your support,
Randy, Chris & Sam
your Star Hollow Farmers


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