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Tree fruit: The great majority of our tree fruit comes from Tracey's Orchard near Shady Grove, PA.

Berries: Our berries come from our farm and several others in the area, depending on type of berry.

Melons: The Mack Farm provides the cantaloupes we offer, in season.

Rhubarb: We've taken the liberty of including rhubarb as a fruit, which botanically it is not, but by usage if often is used like a fruit or with fruit. Please forgive us.


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  • [blueberries]
    We are nearing the end of the blueberry season. Time to freeze some up!
  • [rhubarb]
    Tart and tangy; great for sauce or pies.
  • [cantaloupe]
    Delicious cantaloupes, always picked ripe and ready-to-eat.
  • YELLOW Peaches, ~ 2 lbs.
    Peaches are usually “cling” at the beginning of the season, meaning they cling to the pit. About a month into the season, they start to let go, and that's where you get “freestone” peaches.

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