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Tree fruit: The great majority of our tree fruit comes from Tracey's Orchard near Shady Grove, PA. Occasional other sources include Bear Mountain Orchard & Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-op.

Berries: Our berries come from our farm and several others in the area, depending on type of berry and time of season.

Melons: The Mack Farm provides the cantaloupes we offer, in season.

Rhubarb: We've taken the liberty of including rhubarb as a fruit, which botanically it is not, but by usage if often is used like a fruit or with fruit.


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  • Fuji Apples,  ~2 lbs.
    Sweet, firm, crisp and juicy apple for any use. Two lbs. can be from 4 to 6 apples, depending on size. (Red Delicious X Japanese cross)
  • [gold rush apples]
    Gold Rush is a late-maturing yellow apple with excellent fruit quality. It was named 'GoldRush' to emphasize its golden ground color and bronze blush combined with its "rush" of flavor. (Golden Delicious X Rome Beauty)
  • Jonathan Apples, ~2 lbs.
    Spicy/tangy, tart, crisp and juicy apple for snacks, sauce and pies. Holds its shape well after cooking. (New York since 1826)
  • Pink Lady Apples, ~2 lbs.
    Sweet/tart and crisp. Beautiful, flavorful apple for all uses. Two lbs. can be from 4 to 6 apples, depending on size. Pinks are not usually large apples. (Golden Delicious X Lady Williams)
  • [seconds apples]
    Seconds apples have some blemishes but are still good enough for pies and sauce, and for approx. half price.

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