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Herb notes. In the summer we have as many as 20 types of herbs; in winter it can drop down to just a few. Portion sizes vary over the course of a year, based on relative abundance and cost of production.

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  • [basil]
    Sweet Italian basil; greenhouse-grown.
  • [small herb sampler]
    A sprig, leaf or two each of two or three different herbs. Whatever looks good this week! Enough to season a dish or two each.
  • [chives]
    Use the leaves on potatoes, eggs or soup, the blossoms can be torn into individual pieces and used to top soups, salads, or roasted roots.
  • [cilantro]
    Use in soup, salsa, or anywhere you like it!
  • [leaf fennel]
    Herb – or leaf – fennel looks much like dill, but has a sweet anise flavor. It is a close relative of bulb fennel, but is used as an herb.
  • [flowering English lavender]
    Lavender is more commonly thought of as an aromatic, but it has distinct culinary uses as well, adding a floral or citrus flavor to many dishes. It can be used to replace rosemary (which it closely resembles) in many dishes.
  • [oregano]
    Fresh oregano has a much more potent and delicious taste than the more common dried oregano found in shakers on the table at pizza shops. It spices up anything in a very tasty way!
  • [parsley]
    Italian flat leaf parsley, much more flavorful than curly.
  • Peppermint [no spray]
    Make tea or add to yogurt salad. Most Mint Julep recipes call for spearmint, but peppermint will work, too.
  • [meadow tea pack]
    Make “meadow” tea using the mint and recipe provided. Makes one quart.
  • [rosemary]
    With its piney, resinous, sometimes lemony flavor rosemary is great for roasts, potatoes, and more.
  • [sage]
    Sage is a wonderful, fragrant, tasty herb that goes so well with many things; potatoes, squash, meats and more.
  • FRENCH Sorrel  [no spray]
    Lemon-flavored leaves, good in salad, with fish, or in soups.
  • [soup sorrel]
    Larger and more lemony leaves for use in soup. This is not one of our “kits” as we are out of potaotes, but if you love the soup, we've got the sorrel for you, and will include the recipe card.
  • Spearmint [no spray]
    Use with tea or in various fruit salads.
  • [tarragon]
    Good with meat or rice dishes.

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