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Herb notes. In the summer we have as many as 20 types of herbs; in winter it can drop down to just a few. Portion sizes vary over the course of a year, based on relative abundance and cost of production.

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  • [chives]
    Use the leaves on potatoes, eggs or soup.
  • [cilantro]
    Use in soup, salsa or anywhere you like it!
  • [leaf fennel]
    Herb – or leaf – fennel looks much like dill, but has a sweet anise flavor. It is a close relative of bulb fennel, but is used exclusively as an herb as it doesn't produce a bulb!
  • [oregano]
    Fresh oregano has a much more potent and delicious taste than the more common dried oregano found in shakers on the table at pizza shops. It spices up anything in a very tasty way!
  • [parsley]
    Italian flat leaf parsley, much more flavorful than curly.
  • NEW! Peppermint [no spray]
    Make tea or add to yogurt salad. Most Mint Julep recipes call for spearmint, but peppermint will work, too.
  • [sage]
    Sage is a wonderful, fragrant, tasty herb that goes so well with many things; potatoes, squash, meats and more.
  • FRENCH Sorrel  [no spray]
    Lemon-flavored leaves, good in salad, with fish, or in soups.
  • [tarragon]
    Good with meat or rice dishes.

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