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Herbs:  In the summer all herbs are from our farm. We grow 18 to 20 types. In other seasons we have 8 or 9 types in our greenhouse and also get from one or two other farmers we know.

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  • [chives]
    Use the leaves on potatoes, eggs or soup, the blossoms can be torn into individual pieces and used to top soups, salads, or roasted roots.
  • [garlic chives]
    Also known as Chinese Leeks, garlic chives are definitely different than standard chives, both in appearance and flavor. The leaves are flat – not cylindrical – and there is a definite garlic flavor in addition to the usual...
  • [cilantro]
    Use in soup, salsa, or anywhere you like it!
  • [cutting celery]
    Cutting celery -- also known as leaf celery – has a stronger celery flavor than regular celery. It is a nice addition to salads, soups, stews, and vegetable dishes.
  • [lemongrass with recipe]
    Our own PA-grown lemongrass, common in Thai cooking and with a wonderful lemon flavor.
  • END! Lovage  [no spray]
    Related to celery and parsley, it is intense! Use leaves as an herb; cook the stems in the fry pan with onions and garlic.
  • [parsley]
    Italian flat leaf parsley, much more flavorful than curly.
  • Peppermint  [no spray]
    Make tea or add to yogurt salad. Most Mint Julep recipes call for spearmint, but peppermint will work, too.
  • [rosemary]
    With its piney, resinous, sometimes lemony flavor rosemary is great for roasts, potatoes, and more.
  • [sage]
    Sage is a wonderful, fragrant, tasty herb that goes so well with many things; potatoes, squash, meats and more.
  • French Sorrel  [no spray]
    Lemon-flavored leaves, good in salad, with fish, or in soups.
  • Spearmint [no spray]
    Use with tea or in various fruit salads.
  • [thyme]
    Wonderfully spicy, flavorful herb, great with eggs, or roasts or potatoes.
  • [herb sampler]
    Our mix includes a sampling from at least 3 different herbs. Ask Randy when you pick up if you need help identifying the herbs. Portion sizes are smaller than other herb bags.

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