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Leafy Greens

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  • [microgreens mix]
    Tasty and good for you, this version of microgreens includes a mix of plant types. Use like sprouts, as a garnish, or sprinkled over a main course. Micros don't last like larger leaves; plan to use within 3 or 4 days.
  • Pea Shoots, small bag  [no spray]
    Pea shoots are often used as a garnish or addition. They don't need to be cooked, and have a surprising, fresh pea taste.
  • [young arugula]
    The spicy, peppery mustard-like green with a distinct bite that you probably either love or hate. Assuming the former, add to salads or sandwiches.
  • [chard, mixed, young]
    Tender, tasty, colorful mixed chard leaves.
  • [upland cress]
    We're #1! Dark green, this cress is closely related to watercress, the CDC's #1 most-nutritious vegetable!
  • [green curly kale]
    Tender green curly kale leaves.
  • [five star lettuce mix]
    Beautiful, colorul lettuce mix from our high tunnel. It looks good and tastes good!
  • [red mustared]
    Mustards are so off-the-radar that the CDC's "best-foods" list didn't even include them, yet had they, they would have ranked near the top as mustards are very good for health. They also offer some pretty kick-ass flavor,...
  • BABY Spinach, smaller bag  [Organic]
    #5 on CDC's new "Powerhouse Fruits & Vegetables" list, smallish spinach leaves are especially nice for salads, larger ones for cooking lightly.
  • GREEN Bibb Lettuce
    NOTE... Some weeks it is on the small side. Greenhouse-grown; hydroponic.
  • [romaine lettuce]
    Romaine is the healthiest lettuce – due in part to the dark green leaves – and our most popular lettuce we sell. .
  • [red leaf lettuce]
    Greenhouse-grown. Beautiful dark red nutritious lettuce. Size varies from week to week due to short day length. Some weeks the lettuce will be small!
  • [swiss chard]
    #3 (ahead of spinach!) on CDC's new "Powerhouse Fruits & Vegetables" list, chard's beautiful, healthy greens are ideal for sauteing. Swiss chard is the standard chard with white stems. Same family as beets.
  • [bunched lacinato kale]
    Lacinato is our most popular kale variety. It features tender dark-green crinkled leaves and is wonderful (and nutritious!) served hot or cold. Chris frequently makes a wilted kale salad with it -– very tasty and refreshing!...
  • [new cabbage]
    Cabbage is having a come-back in popularity, in part due to its health advantages. And besides being extremely good for you, there are numerous recipes proving that it can also be a quite tasty “modern” dish.

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