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Leafy Greens

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  • [microgreens mix]
    Tasty and good for you, this version of microgreens includes a mix of plant types. Use like sprouts, as a garnish, or sprinkled over a main course. Micros don't last like larger leaves; plan to use within 3 or 4 days.
  • Pea Shoots, small bag  [no spray]
    Pea shoots are often used as a garnish or addition. They don't need to be cooked, and have a surprising, fresh pea taste.
  • [baby arugula]
    The spicy, peppery mustard-like green with a distinct bite that you probably either love or hate. Assuming the former, add to salads or sandwiches.
  • [chard, mixed, young]
    Tender, tasty, colorful mixed chard leaves.
  • [five star lettuce mix]
    Beautiful, colorful lettuce mix from our high tunnel and field lettuces.
  • [red mustared]
    Mustards are so off-the-radar that the CDC's "best-foods" list didn't even include them, yet had they, they would have ranked near the top as mustards are very good for health. They also offer some pretty kick-ass flavor,...
  • BABY Spinach, small bag  [Organic]
    #5 on CDC's new "Powerhouse Fruits & Vegetables" list, smallish spinach leaves are especially nice for salads, larger ones for cooking lightly.
  • [stir fry greens]
    Mix of colorful, tasty young leaves for stir-fries (may include kale, beets, chard, mustard, dandelion and more)! Whatever looks good when we go out to pick on Friday morning).
  • [tat soi leaves]
    Beautiful dark green leaves cut from a rosette of oriental greens. Taste is on the mild side, similar to spinach. The leaf stems (petioles) are edible.
  • [romaine lettuce]
    Romaine is the healthiest lettuce – due in part to the dark green leaves – and our most popular lettuce we sell.
  • [Italian dandelion]
    Dandelions are tasty (but bitter) and incredibly good for you. There are lots of ways to counteract the bitterness if that's not your thing.
  • [bunched lacinato kale]
    Lacinato is our most popular kale variety. It features tender dark-green crinkled leaves and is wonderful (and nutritious!) served hot or cold. Chris frequently makes a wilted kale salad with it -– very tasty and refreshing!...
  • [young bok choi]
    #2 on the CDC's new list of "powerhouse" fruits and vegetables, bok choi (one of two types of Chinese cabbage, the other being Napa cabbage) is also related to broccoli and cauliflower. The contrast between the crunchy leave...
  • [green cabbage]
    Cabbage is an often overlooked food, which is having something of a come-back with all its health advantages coming to light. And besides being extremely good for you, there are numerous recipes proving that it can also be a...

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