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Our Methods


How is our produce grown?
We grow produce on our farm using no pesticides on most crops, few and organic pesticides on some crops, and whatever is registered for the crop if it is a significant planting that we are at risk of losing. We have every interest in keeping the crops, the soil, and us safe and healthy, but losing an entire significant crop is not in the interest of sustainability to our way of thinking. Our farm is not certified organic (although we were for 18 years). We have come to the conclusion that being certified organic is not necessary or ideal for all small farms. We place sustainability -- environmental and economic -- above bureaucratic definitions of organic.

We know and admire many certified organic growers and many "conventional" growers as well. What we respect are farmers doing the best they can to provide clean, healthy food for their customers and their families, by whatever means they feel best fits their situation.


Some of our fresh spring garlic.

Produce that we get from our neighbors and friends may be certified organic, not organic but pesticide-free, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) or conventional. (Note that there is such thing as conventional produce that has no sprays or chemical residues, sometimes at the same time that organic crops are covered with pesticides. It can be very confusing!) We have refrained from labeling each item -- other than the certified organic and our own "no spray" -- as items may change categories from week to week and we prefer to offer less information than potentially wrong information. We only sell produce from farmers we know, trust, and that we eat ourselves.

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